58th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post

You know, I have to say, as far as award shows go, I'm wasn't completely bored bored out of my skull watching the 58th Annual Emmy Awards. Conan O'Brien as host was quite amusing, with other highlights including Steven Colbert and John Stewart presenting, that guy who named the people he didn't want to thank, The Office winning best comedy, and, of course, Bob Newhart trapped in a glass tube, with only three hours of air.

But as always, it's more about the dresses than the awards. I've got some favourites just below, but you can check out all 266 pictures after the jump. Or you can just click the following link: 58th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post.

Oh, and is it just me, or does it look like Ellen Pompeo got one hell of a boob job? Check out the first picture in this set, or hit this link: Ellen Pompeo boob job pictures

Update: Um, so, did you happen to catch that Nipple Slip at the Emmy Awards?

Allison Janney

Bobbie Thomas

Cheryl Hickey

Cheryl Hines

Debra Messing

Ellen Pompeo

Eva Longoria

Evangeline Lilly

Felicity Huffman

Heidi Klum

Jaime Pressley

Janel Moloney

Jenna Fisher

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Morrison

Julia Louis Dreyfus

Kate Walsh

Katherine Heigl

Kimberly Caldwell

Kim Raver

Leah Remini

Lisa Edelstein

Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Rinna

Maria Menounos

Mariska Hargitay

Mary-Lynn Rajskub

Mary McCormack

Megan Mullally

Morgan Fairchild

Nancy O'Dell

Portia De Rossi

Rachael Harris

Rosana Tavarez

Sandra Oh

Sarah Chalke

Shawn Robinson

Sofia Milos

Tina Fey

Tracey Gold

Tyra Banks

Vanessa Minnillo

Virginia Madsen

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