Miranda Kerr Nude in Pirelli Calendar with Friends

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Oh. My. God!!!!! Vanity Fair magazine has behind-the-scenes shots from the new Pirelli Calendar, which happens to feature Miranda Kerr nude!!! It also has Ana Beatriz Barros nude, and a whole bunch of other nude Supermodels who include Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Catherine M, Abbey Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie C, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, (Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr), and Georgina Stojilkovic from left to right on the cover, which is the best cover of a magazine ever. Sorry for the smallness, will try and get bigger ones after I put the pieces of my head back together.

Video Update: A kind reader ponited us to this amazing video featuring Miranda Kerr and all the models naked. It's from Italian TV, which can only mean one thing: I'm moving to Italy.

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