Inna Topless Pictures Blow Me Outta My Mind

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(UPDATED TO ADD: Thanks to an anonymous and beloved Egotastic! reader for providing us with updated, actual Inna topless pictures to save the world from faux Inna porn star boobs. Long story, but, suffice it to say, Enjoy.)

I think I've become smitten by a Romanian pop star. Of course, 'smitten' can mean many things to many people, so, to be clear, I mean, I am drooling myself to dehydration with utter lust over Inna, my Caspian Sea Fergie, only, not exactly the same as Fergie, as evidenced in these ridiculously hot Inna topless pictures. I was prepared to declare my lust even before seeing Inna's amazing boobs and body in the full and clear; now I'm simply prepared to offer her the moon. Or, even better, I'll lie and tell her how much I love her music. When a man puts real effort into his lies, that means he cares! Enjoy.

(Yet another note: there were some people who insisted we re-post the impostor Inna pictures from earlier on Friday. Hmm, generally against this policy, but the fake Inna, apparently a Romanian adult film star, was rather, well, postable, so...)

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