Amy Fisher: 'Deep Inside Amy Fisher' Early Look (NSFW VIDEO) (RadarOnline Exclusive for Egotastic!)

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Amy Fisher. Yep, that Amy Fisher. Okay, normally we do not cover straight-up adult entertainment product, but, hey, I still remember where I was the day the Long Island Lolita shot Joey Buttafuoco's wife in the face, and, now, all these years later she's getting paid to be shot in the face her own badself. And, still, I would not have posted these exclusive promotional photos of Deep Inside Amy Fisher (Dreamzone Entertainment) from our friends at RadarOnline (read the full story) were I not forced to mutter, 'Dang, Amy Fisher looks pretty good for a sex crazy ex-attempted murdering teenager'. Life is certainly strange.

See More SFW promo photos of Amy Fisher at RadarOnline

Oh, okay, we couldn't resist showing you the NSFW trailer for Deep Inside Amy Fisher. I mean, in for an they say.

(Seriously, only watch if you dig this stuff. We won't be offended if you don't. Though, of course, Amy might cap your ass.)

Watch the NSFW Video:

(Video Note: We had to house this trailer on local servers. If it's highly delayed or not starting up, please try again later when traffic slower. Thanks.)

Video credit: Dreamzone Entertainment

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