Mariana De Melo Topless Pictures Help Me Be Jealous Of Even More Brazlian Soccer Stars

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So I was talking to Estes Picante, my beef jerky delivery guy, sharing with him my jealousy of Ronaldo and his bedding down of the ridiculously sexy Irina Shayk (among other women), when Estes tells me, 'What about that model Ronaldinho (another awesome soccer (football) player not to be confused with Ronaldo) used to knocking of the boots with?' Which led me to the discovery of one Mariana De Melo. Oh, boy, where to begin with this Sudamericana model and TV personality. Oh, why don't we just start with a super hot spread in Maxim magazine from points South and, bless their hearts, the Argentinean paparazzi being as sneaky as our lovable bastards up here and catching Mariana De Melo changing clothes in the gym locker room (as you know, the starting location for 83% of my sleepy time fantasies). The boobs, that butt, my heart! Enjoy.

Shoutout to Buenos Aires cell phone camera snappers:

And kudos to Maxim Para Hombres:

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