Stephanie Seymour In A Better, Nude Light (Richard Avedon Classic Photo)

Well, no more taboo comments about the super sexy Stephanie Seymour, but we thought we'd end her week on Egotastic! with a beautiful note. No, not that fact that she beat the stuffing out of Axl Rose back in the early 90's (though, that was both beautiful and surely deserved), but this classic Richard Avedon nude photograph of Stephanie Seymour, showing the hot model's fantastic boobtastic and au natural lady nest, from whence came her children, and, you know, into whence might her children be trying to occasionally return (that was totally uncalled for!) Enjoy.

(Shoutout to 'A Spanish Guy' for giving Egotastic! the head's up on this auction house photo of the sextastic Stephanie Seymour.)

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