Amber Rose Topless Pictures Join the Boobtastic Beach Parade

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There are three categories of celebrities in the Egotastic! universe (probably more than three, but three is all I can remember at the moment): super hot celebs who always make the cut, not so hot celebs who don't make the cut (let's call this group the Winehousers), and then a certain gaggle of starlets who can earn their way into publication by way of flashing some big cans. Model and former Kanye West girlfriend, Amber Rose, is in this latter category. Oh, sure, there's those of you with the 'I wouldn't throw her out of my bed' set of standards (which always baffled me because I don't think people who say that actually have a valid list of women they would throw out of their beds, so it's fairly moot), but, we try to be particular on this ship of sextastic, and Amber Rose still does kind of remind me of Mickey Von Buren, the shaven-head kid on my high school wrestling team who claimed to have contracted an STD from an opposing wrestler, which was always a hard excuse for his teammates to swallow (as it were). Nevertheless, the bare boobtastic scores big time bonus points and there aren't many fit celebrities out there who when caught off guard flashing the funbags are not going to be seen on here (Kathy Griffin exclusion, of course.). Enjoy.

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