Battle Celeb With Stripper Names: Candace Bailey vs. Candice Michelle

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Say lello to Candace and Candice.

For years we've been receiving letters requesting Go Daddy spokes-hottie and WWE sexy-slammer Candice Michelle, but we could just never figure out a way to wedge her delicious style body onto the site; then we saw Candace Bailey, new hottie in town, replacement host for Olivia Munn on Attack of the Show and featured in next month's Maxim because she's crazy hot and going to cause grave injury to a million and one fapping fanboys in the course of her career. Now, we have a proper Candace vs. Candice battle of the two celebs with the differently spelled names of girls who are inherently hot (or strippers). And while we have these sleek advanced photo looks at Candace Bailey looking ridiculously sexy, just to make this a fairer fight, we went back to the cinematically underrated piece of genius known as Roommate Wanted, were oh, go, daddy, does Candice Michelle get topless and slog with her equally nekkid roommate in the tub. Legendary film really. Candiace, Candice, let's get it on! Enjoy.

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