Charlie Sheen Goddess Bree Olson Quits Via Text (See Exclusive Recent Bree Olson Nekkid Pictures from ZZInsider)

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According to our breaking news friends at TMZ, Charlie Sheen goddess numero uno, Bree Olson, just ditched the beleaguered talk-show tour tweaker by way of text breakup. Now, I've been broken up with via text before so I know how this feels. It was my Piloxing instructor, Tae Longshanks. who dumped me through the digisphere because he said me bringing my adult chocolate milk beverages to the workout room showed my lack of commitment to the training regimen. It stung. It was hard to hear harsh words, even if completely true, by way of my lipstick red Sidekick. Were Charlie Sheen not completely numb to all bodily and psychological sensations, he might be upset too, but probably mostly he's already calling 1-800-PORNSTAR for a new goddess referral.

More to the Egotastic! point, our good friends at, the folks who bring you great adult industry goings on in a safe-for-work format, they zipped us over an exclusive look at some of the most recent Bree Olson photoshoot work. Well, let's not call it work, that's kind of misleading. Photoshoot nekkid delight. And, while I wouldn't go so far as saying she's a natural goddess, she's definitely a natural something something that makes me wonder why a man wouldn't want to be fully sober while riding that particular adult Disneyland type ride. Enjoy.

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