Dianna Agron Flashes A Wee Bit of the Panties In New York’s Times Square

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During high school, a rumor went around that the new hottie girl, Missy Kent, routinely sported little purple panties to our secondary educational haven. Given that Missy Kent wore deliciously short skirts to school each day, you'd have thought this was a rumor easily confirmed by any number of the scores of horny boys running about the asylum. But, Missy Kent was the master of the almost upskirt. Through a combination of Thigh-Gina® leg squeezes and feats of bodily balance that would earn applause at the Bolshoi, months went by without a certifiable sighting of the Barney-colored underthings. Dozens and dozens of attempted peeks of my own accord-- zero results. Not long after, Missy's family moved out of town following an incident involving her older brother, an M-80, and a farm animal in the local holiday manger scene and we sorrowful boys were left holding nothing but our puds and unanswered questions.

Later that school year, I was cleaning out my locker prior to a rumored maryjane inspection by the school principal when I came across a pair of purple bikini panties with a Post-It note attached that read, 'You should have just asked.'

Oh, sure, it ain't much, but given all the hype surrounding the tender-type teen portraying cast of Glee filming in New York City this week, well, a Dianna Agron upskirt picture is about all I can find to explain the hysteria. Nothing wrong with a simple peek at the panties of this blonde hottie. Nothing wrong at all. Enjoy.

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