Emilia Clarke Topless and Taken in Game of Thrones (VIDEO)

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Game of Thrones. Ripe tribal rapey-ness. In this educational piece, new troglodytish husband takes new wife and shows her precisely what her marital responsibilities shall be. Now, as a feminist of the highest order, I have to work hard to put this type of misogynistic behavior in the context of a fantastical sort of medieval place and time. The last time I told a woman how things were 'gonna be', I got kicked in the shin so hard I couldn't walk for a week. That was one strong-assed girl scout. The real point here, the deliciously blonde and bootilicious Emilia Clarke gets naked in the second episode of Game of Thrones and, we cut it down to just the best parts and added some sexy making music to make the physical assault seem far more pleasant. Music is really good for that. Enjoy.

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