(EXCLUSIVE) Katie Green, Kate Middleton Look-Alike, Drops Her Top In Honor of the Royal Wedding

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We have nearly reached the limit of all things royal wedding. We won't officially reach the terminus until some time Greenwich Mean Time tomorrow when we unleash the grand finale. But, if we're going down to wedding town on the Bill and Kate double decker, I want to go down in Egotastic! style. Thanks to our friends at Zoo magazine in Jolly Old, we have a sneak peek at their ode to the nuptials courtesy of the sexy Katie Green who looks an awful lot like queen bee to be, Kate Middleton (seriously, imagine Kate Middleton all types of made-up and nekkid and posed and, well, trust me, it works) and who is flashing her Union Jackerys in all their double-barreled awesomeness.

The wedding is here. The House of Windsor will soon see some decent looking progeny, and all will be well with the Empire, especially the sweet glamour boobs therein. Enjoy.

(Check out the video from the sextastic Katie Green in her royal photoshoot)

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