Hayley Roberts Topless Pictures Surface To Thrill The Hoff

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Well, leave it to David Hasselhoff to single-handedly 'uncool' Coachella. That's not to say that a gaggle of other celebrities didn't kind of murderize the indie cred of the music festival starting well back, but an appearance by the The Hoff pretty much seems to be the death knell of counterculture.

That being said, man, the Hoff still knows how to bring the ladies. Case in point, new girlfriend and Welsh model, Hayley Roberts, for whom topless pictures recently emerged. To his credit, Hasselhoff  isn't one of those mucho macho male celebs who will fuss and piss over everybody seeing his lady topless, in fact, he'll probably pass out autographed pictures himself. Gotta love The Hoff. Gotta lust Hayley Roberts. If you're going to kill a cultural iconic event, kill it with a hottie and some sweet boobtastic. Enjoy.

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