Jaime Pressly Taut, Tight, Underwear Shopping Reminds Me About First Falling in Lust With Her

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Poison Ivy, the Seduction. That's when I first fell head over tingly-feelings for hot blonde Jaime Pressly. Yeah, it was just another Skinemax-esque video sequel to the kind of over-wrought original cinematic Poison Ivy film series that previously featured the likes of Drew Barrymoreand Alyssa Milano, but something about those eyes (and, by eyes, I mean those amazing bare tatas) and that tight body in and out of clothes, in and out of pools, champagne showers, it all came together in one blessed Jaime Pressly lust tattoo on my still-forming libido, never to be forgotten.

Such it was that upon seeing Jaime Pressly in these candids in her tight white tank top, all fit and shapely and looking amazing while out buying silky little underthings, of all things, well, I got me an itch for a little Poison Ivy Seduction redux. There are many paths an actress can take in her career; Jaime Pressly may not see it this way, but I think she hit a homerun in nearly her first at-bat. Enjoy.

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