Jennette McCurdy Accidentally iTopless on iCarly? (VIDEO)

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UPDATED TO ADD (4/22/2001: 19:07 PST): Thanks to the ton of you who wrote in to break my little heart. I suppose the waiting game continues for real Jennette McCurdy topless pictures. And, wait I shall. Like the most loyal horny dog in the world. (Curses you evil-doer who spent countless hours counterfeiting frames in the clip!)

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DISCLAIMER: Somehow, this is likely a very clever fake. Just Spidey-senses on this one, but it's still fun to imagine and wonder.

We've had a number of you pervs (like me) who've been sending letters over the years asking to see iCarly cutie and Miranda Cosgrove actress foil, Jennette McCurdy, a lesser known starlet in the Nickelodeon starlet factory, but certainly one who is, as they say about girls before 18, fetching. But, finally, there seems to be at least a fun, debatable reason to feature the darling Ms. McCurdy, this seemingly boob-baring quick clip from an episode of iCarly where the now barely legal Jennette McCurdy appears to be wardrobe malfunctioning on an episode of the G-rated teen show. What do you think?

(Thanks to EgoReader 'Mike N.' for pointing us in the direction of the video clip. We've had other readers send us copies of the stills, but videos are much harder to alter and so this was definitely attention worthy, though do bare (bear) in mind the Disclaimer above.)

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