Kate Bosworth Topless Pictures for the Spring Break Win

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Kate Bosworth topless on the beach. Yep, I'll have some of that, please.

Because of Blue Crush, I forgave Kate Bosworth for what she did to Lois Lane. And because she's taking her top off in Mexico, I'll forgive the fact that she desperately needs a sandwich. With a bit of my home cooking (and/or take out from Mr. Mings), I think I could pack the pounds on Kate Bosworth in just the right proportions to get her back from skinny hot girl status to just super sextastic bouncy fun girl. But I digress, which is rude, when a girl takes her top off on the beach, it's polite just to leer and drool, as I've been doing here this morning wondering why Kate Bosworth never made her way to Tijuana this weekend where I was catching the matinee donkey show. Girls named Kate are notoriously sharp; it's Shakespearean I think. But this Kate, well, she's got me seeing nothing but cushions. Enjoy.

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