Lindsay Lohan (Covered) Topless Pictures Are the Best Kind of Community Service

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Lindsay Lohan will begin her community service hours soon as penance for grifting some jewelry (well, technically, violating her probation from her previous drunk and drunker charges) and I can't help but wonder, as much as there is some thrill from knowing Lindsay will be mopping floors or cleaning toilets in some odoriferous locale, shouldn't we, the community, get served in a manner that best serves us? I mean, Lindsay Lohan remains hot, ginger or blonde, behind bars or just at bars, she remains a lust-inducing young hottie, and, well, couldn't the judge have ordered her to take some nekkid photos or something? Talk about giving back to the community. I can clean my own toilet, thank you very much, I want nekkid Lindsay!

For now, we can ogle these rather stunning recent Mike Rosenthal photos of still sextastic Lindsay Lohan. These covered topless pictures just remind us that if Lindsay Lohan really wants to make up for her sins of the past, the very best way would be some sins of the future. Enjoy.

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