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Melissa Debling Udderly Fantastic Photoshoot Outtakes

Lust me some outtakes. In particular, these outlandishly boobtastic photos of sexy British glamor model Melissa Debling from the Big Boobs Bonanza issue from our friends across the pond at Nuts. As you all know, I'm not a boob snob. On a sexy celebrity in particular, I love boobs in all shapes and sizes, colors and degrees of lactation-readiness (adult nursing relationships have to be respected). However, I will not call myself a member of the male species if I don't admit that my head cranks just a tad bit harder when the big knockers come a knocking. It's a reflex of the male libido that separates the human race from the dinosaurs, who simply didn't ogle their females the same way they obsessed over their dinner, and, now, they're extinct. Just saying, the very future of our human tribe depends upon you drooling over Melissa Debling. Do not take this solemn duty lightly. Enjoy.

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