Mr. Skin Minute Premieres on Egotastic! (Along with Special Offer) (VIDEO)

Mr. Skin told us they wanted to celebrate the Egotastic! relaunch in style and while they tried to send us a basket of cheese and smoked meats, we asked for a more practical celebratory offering for our readers -- the lowest price ever offered on a Mr. Skin annual membership for Egotastic! readers. I shit you not. Lowest ever, like 40% off awesome. But the deal only lasts for one week. It's a great service for those of you (like me) into the film and television nekkidness and if you're going to buy it, I want you guys to get the best possible deals for yourself or gifts (note to girls, this is perhaps one of the coolest gifts you can buy your man).

This Mr. Skin sweetheart deal for Egotastic! readers  is only good for one week from today. So don't write me a sob letter 8 days from now.

And, to celebrate this celebratory, we're launching the Mr. Skin Minute on Egotastic!, a weekly video roundup of the hottest and nekkidiest actress moments in film and television of the current work.  A nice little skin-tastic summary. Enjoy.

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