Rosie Jones Flashes Her Two For Page Three

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Me and Mrs. Jones got a thing going on. We both know that it's wrong. But it's much too strong to let it go now...

I lust Rosie Jones like a long haul truck driver desires pancakes, that is, deep stacked with tons of syrup dripping all over. The beautiful busted British glamor model did another pictorial round with the U.K. Sun Page 3 folks and the results are simple, elegant, and quite delightful. I'm not sure 'rack' is even a kind enough work to describe the glorious melons flashes by young Rosie Jones for the benefit of ogling mankind, more like heavenly orbs, beacons of desire driving sailors into rocky shores, or, at least into bars looking to check out some ruddy knockers. What Rosie Jones and I have, it can't be wrong when it feels this right. Enjoy.

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