Vanessa Hudgens Flashes Her Bra Beneath a See-Through Top

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Well, we've certainly seen through to more of Vanessa Hudgens in the recent past, but, for today, we can gladly ogle a see-through top and a view of the colorful bra Vanessa Hudgens was sporting in West Hollywood. We joke about Vanessa Hudgens and her rampant cell phone self-photo taking skills, but, if you can't joke, what else can you do? Deep down, there remains strong super lust for this petite hottie and Sucker Punch standout. The moment she stepped out of Zac Efron beard duty and into the sextastic womanly spotlight, she began making sultry waves, a process we expect to continue until we once again see Vanessa Hudgens all kinds of nekkid. Enjoy.

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