Vikki Blows Fully Loaded Escapades

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I'm all geared up to score again, loaded, loaded.

The more things changes the more they stay the same. Vikki Blows is one ridiculously hot-bodied constant in this ever changing world. In a flowing river, she's the rock I'd like to cling to. In fact, I'd like to cling to both her rocks, on display here in these Vikki Blows topless photos from our friends at Loaded magazine. I always wanted to date a Goth girl, but, let's face it, hotter girls in high school generally don't go with counterculture lifestyle themes, so the pickings are slim among your 'trying to find an identity' types. But when you find the right mistress of the dark, say, a super sexy Vikki Blows, I'm ready to burn the incense and make upwards of three minutes of sweet special romance inside the pentagram in the graveyard. Enjoy.

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