BATTLE BIRTHDAY BOOBS: Brandi Glanville vs. Sophie Turner Birthday Party Bosoms

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Now, this is the kind of girl fight I can get behind. (Truth be told, I can pretty much get behind any kind of girl fight. If two ladies in neck braces attacked each other with rusty chain saws, I'd be into it.) Brandi Glanville, the former dancer wife of Eddie Cibrian, the new husband of LeAnn Rimes, and the newest addition to the Beverly Hills Housewives show (since Camille Grammer got dumped and dumped) vs. Sophie Turner, Australian model and actress and well mostly just fine piece of super-asstastic, both celebrated their birthdays at friendly evening bashes over the weekend. Granted, it's that Sophie Turner asstastic that's going to force me give her the boobtastic edge in this funbag fight, but I'm also going to throwdown some kudos to Brandi Glanville for some cleavetastic bugling at her own little shindig. It's all just one giant mass of female curvature that makes me want to build a Jell-O wrestling ring, a whistle, and a case of Red Stripe. Enjoy.

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