Erin Heatherton Classic Nekkids for May Day Memories

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Okay, so I guess May Day was yesterday and maybe it is just some type of secret Communist holiday like my Uncle Earl always says after three cocktails and a hit of oxygen through his tracheodomy, but all I know is I used to love dressing up in colorful shorts and spinning ribbons around the pole. Though I do prefer to do it alone, at night, without judgmental eyes. Anyhow, I wanted to celebrate the start of May with a little bit of Erin Heatherton, or a lot bit of Erin Heatherton, depending upon how you've seen this Victoria's Secret / Hebrew School hottie extraordinaire before, but certainly nekkid is my favorite, even if we have to reach back to this classic Erin Heatherton picture set from Numero magazine out Korea way. We have mad lust for Erin Heatherton here at Egotastic!, we're hoping you do too. Enjoy.

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