FIRST LOOK: Esme Bianco Sexy Hot Lesbionics in Game of Thrones (VIDEO)

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Well, the Sapphic seal finally had to be broken in HBO's fantastical fanboy faptime series, Game of Thrones. In the upcoming episode, you will witness multi-purpose house whore hottie, Esme Bianco, doing all kinds of wonderfully naughty things to a fellow lady of the evening in full lesbionic fashion. We tried to cut the amazing scene down to its essentially awesome girl-on-girl parts, it really is one of the longest sex scenes I believe I've ever witnessed (thrice now) on television. A great record to achieve, if it be. Is there anything hotter than two sexy women going at it for the benefit of ogling mankind? I'd like to think that someday something even more awesome might be invented, but not today. Enjoy.

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