Former Hollyoaks Hottie Roxanne McKee Topless in Game of Thrones (VIDEO)

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The Brits amongst us (and they're are always Brits amongst us, make no mistake about it) will well know super sultry Roxanne McKee from her role as Louise Summers in Hollyoaks, a role for which Roxanne won the Brit Soap Awards sexiest female character just a couple or three years ago. Now, the brunette hottie takes her turn with some topless hotness in this week's episode of Game of Thrones, playing some character certain to drive the fantasy geeks to faptastic madness. Sadly, GOTS seems to be pulling back, not promoting, the sexy nekkid on the show, so you need to watch this one carefully for the fully exposed Roxanne McKee funbags, but they are there, and they are delightfully delicious. Enjoy.

(Bonus: check out the hotshots of Roxanne McKee from her Hollyoaks days from her Maxim photo spread. So hawt.)

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