INJUSTICE! Justin Bieber Plays With Selena Gomez Sexy Feet

When I read that girls were sending death threats to the young hottie Selena Gomez over her underaged naughty business with Justin Bieber, I felt like I was living in backwards land, a Twilight Zone parallel universe where up is down, hot is cold, and Selena Gomez somehow doesn't deserve Justin Bieber?

Oh, don't think we all don't know that this little body pawing trip to Hawaii is a legal maneuver to find a state where that twerpish boy is for some reason deemed legally of age. Yeah, we're on to you little tiny midget rich singer boy. You can mug for the cameras all you want, stroking the feet of our be-lusted, but I for one refuse to accept this reality. It just can't be. It just can't.

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