Lindsay Loses Her Bikini Top And Flashes The Full-Lohan!

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By the power of Neptune!

Lindsay Lohan may be losing her marbles, she is definitely losing her top, as the jewelry-janking celebrity took to the beaches of Miami sporting a new 'blood' henna tattoo whose irony must have pissed off the Gods enough to create a wave to take out her bikini top for a full on bare boob reveal. Okay, so maybe I'm reading into it a bit, but I have to think that when you deem your house-arrest to include the Atlantic ocean, you're stepping on some pretty mythical toes here, so maybe Neptune was peeved, or maybe he just wanted to see Lindsay Lohan freckled funbags like the rest of us gentleman oglers, but the Mean Girl became the Topless Girl thanks to one of the best timed mini-white caps in the history of the tides.

The 'blood' tattoo bit we assume is Lindsay's form of protest for her obviously horrible imprisonment at a four-star beach front hotel, the wardrobe malfunction just a blessing for the rest of us. I love days like today. Enjoy.

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