Melissa Debling Topless Pictorial May Cause Undue Cravings

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Some mornings, don't you just feel like you need a mouthful of big, ripe melon. That's how I felt this morning. It's your body's way of telling you that you're not consuming enough sugar I believe. Or perhaps that you're in need of some comfort only a luscious casaba or overly ripe cantaloupe can bring. You feel like if you could just wrap your mouth around a ready-to-explode round ball of honeydew, all will be right with the world. Nature, she is a powerful master.

Completely changing subjects, how about Melissa Debling and her impressive topless beach photoshoot, featuring the super glamour models bodily assets mocking the very sun with their own gravitational majesty? Throw in some Red Bull and you have pretty much all I need to survive. So, take that, nature. Enjoy.

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