Michelle Rodriguez Plumber Butts the Depths of Our Lust

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If you ever need a hot movie chick to hoist a gun in a tight white tank top, Michelle Rodriguez seems like a very sure bet. She's always looking tough-hot and bad-ass and, well, it kind of makes me steamy in a Latina with big cannons kind of way. Except, today, it's a whole new side of Michelle Rodriguez, literally, her backside buttside junkside cushion, nearly fully exposed to the waters off of Cannes as the brunette hottie just about lost her bathing suit bottoms and flashed some deep crackitutde. Es muy bueno, this asstastic, no? Okay, we threw in some delightful bikini top fronts too, just because, well, because we love every inch of the sexy celebrity body, especially when we get to see it without much clothing on. Enjoy.

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