Nicole Kidman Nipples Poke Pictures for the Morning Workout

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Nicole Kidman has a fierce workout routine and an even fiercer set of nipples that grow with anticipation of the brisk morning jog. It's a nice combination for us oglers of this statuesque Aussie whose veteran sexy reputation is much deserved after a decade and a half of being on the scene and very worth being seen. Early this morning, Nicole Kidman nipple poke pictures were available atop one of the many hills dotting the San Francisco landscape, her pert pokies tracking the sun like a a blooming flower hungry for a plate of photosynthesis. I lust Nicole Kidman (albeit, let's lose the hiding hat and glasses). Her 'lost years' with Tom Cruise now well behind us, I think she's the type of 40-something MILF that could teach a boy like me a lesson, and if I'm bad, punish me with those pointy bad-boys. Enjoy.

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