Pippa Is Back! The Official Pippa Middleton Topless Photos Are Returned To Egotastic!

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I don't like to brag, but my cousin knows a guy who once shagged a gal who worked for the third cousin of a British Royal watcher who got me connected to... well, somebody very highly placed in the Windsor House (shoutout to 'Chuck' by the way) who arranged for Egotastic! to re-receive the official Pippa Middleton Topless pictures. That's right, Pippa's back and flashing her regal beagles!

Like finding an old Halloween basket filled with not super expired Three Musketeers mini-bars, the return of Pippa Middleton topless is like a windfall from above we shant take for granted. Blessed nipples.

Pippa, you slay me. Enjoy.

NEWSFLASH:  New royals rush to get Pippa pictures off the market!

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