Pippa! The Sister Duchess Strolls London

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Okay, not much to see here, but when you're in lust, you're in lust, and the entire world, minus a few Mr. Negatives, are into the idea that the rich and naughty little royal sister is single and highly, well, active. So, we continue our Pippa Middleton coverage with Pippa way too covered, but a couple nice shots of the asstastic that has stunned the ogling world and sent an anti-orgasmic shockwave through the House of Windsor. We're sad that Pippa has been told to turn it down a few notches, but we're filled with hope know that nobody tells Pippa what the eff to do. Wait til a couple cocktails and some pent up rebellion lead to the next great Pippa reveal. I can feel it coming, right down to me limey bones. Enjoy.

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