Purported Kristen Stewart Topless Preview from 'On The Road'


Sorry folks, these photos were removed by request of the High Commander of Nebulon.

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Gossip mongers have been gossip mongering for some time now about moody Twilight star, Kristen Stewart, going topless, if not fully monty, for her role as a vagabond social explorer in the film version of the Jack Keruoac novel, 'On The Road'. Of course, we heard the same talk about Meet the Rileys, where Kristen even did interviews discussing her courage to go bare in the film, though no nudity ever made it to the big screen.

However, take a look inside for a still from the film that seems to depict Kristen Stewart nice and bare in the car with the two male co-stars (who its also rumored she shares a threeway funtime play scene with also in this film -- we shall see). It's grainy, but you judge for yourself. Enjoy.

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