READER FINDS: Tracy McGregor First South African Playmate, Catherine Zeta-Jones Classic Flashes, and a Russian Opera Star Baring Her Soprano Tips

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This week's reader finds, well, it's what you might call super-eclectic. A veritable grab bag of things you'd like to grab. A smorgasbord of sextastic from all corners of the world.

Our first reader find came from two EgoSuperFan operating independently from each of their respective basements. Thanks to 'Zmaster L.' and 'Carlos A.J.' for cluing us into the historic launch of South Africa Playboy this Spring, and to their very first Playmate, Cape Town born model Tracy McGregor, one hot, sweet, piece of blonde sextastic who bares it all for the debut edition of her native land's gentleman's magazine. Quite an epic way to embark on what I suspect will be a beautiful relationship.

Big props to 'Tony B.' for reminding us that as crazy and sometimes tired as Catherine Zeta Jones has been looking of late, she was once a young, much desired hottie celebrity with these almost two decade old topless pictures reminding us of her original (and, in my opinion, still definitely remaining) ogle worthiness. If you've not seen these before, you are in for a treat. Thanks, Tony.

And, finally, thanks to EgoReader 'Dorin P.' for providing us what has to be our very first opera star photo; in this case, Russian vocal giant, Anna Netrebko, who was in Italy showing off more than just her mighty pipes as a combination of her operatic bossom and no bra resulted in a press conference nipple slip of Valkyrian proportions. Enjoy.

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