Sister Sister: We Salute Coco and Kristy Williams and Some Extraordinary Junk

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Well, our good friend Coco will soon be going the way of reality television with husband Ice-T, and we hope she doesn't get too Kardashian and start pimping every product known to mankind and lose site of the very reasons we first fell for her -- she's super cool and has a humongulous badonkadonk. In honor of her television launch, by way of our friends at Black Men magazine (not just for black folk, but for all men who appreciate the larger things in life), a great, broad, and ass-cleavy pictorial of Coco with her asstastic Jr, younger sister, Kristy Williams, a derriere budding model in her own right. Sister-sister. Cheek-to-enormous-cheek. The world may never be the same. Enjoy.

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