Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale Reunite For Mexican Bikini Holiday!

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Oh, those old familiar poses. When I spotted Vanessa Hudgens spread eagle in her lounge chair on the beaches of Mexico, well, sextastic déjà vu. I had little time to reminisce as along came her good friend and High School Musical rival slash buddy, Ashley Tisdale in a bikini to reunite two especially delightful forces of nature in a South of the Border bikini and suntan fest of the highest ogling order. When my two petite darlings got back together, packed up a couple little swimsuits, and headed to Mexico, who could've known, let alone even hoped, that the long distance lenses of the world would gift us this gift. Vanessa Hudgens, baking in the sun, her legs akimbo, her asstastic a'fluttering my heart. Ashley Tisdale, my Hellcat cheerleading minx, in need of some SPF and a slow-handed rubdown. Now, I shall faint. How dare you not like Monday! Enjoy.

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