Avril Lavigne Asstastic Highlights Day 2 of An Awesome Bikini Yacht Vacation

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It's hard to explain why men love women's junkside so much. I've seen the psychological studies, I've read the anthropological reports, but, blah, that's all science and reason and hardly worth our concern. Butts are hot. And sexy celebrity butts are even hotter. So blessed be on Day 2 of the Avril Lavigne bikini vacation aboard the S.S. Hottie that the Cannuckian pop princess didn't flash utterly delightful views of her bikini clad derriere, including some impromptu bottom adjustment and butt crack visuals. I don't need science to tell me how happy and tingly this made me feel.

Avril Lavigne nipples slips yesterday, Avril Lavigne butt-cleavage and asstastic today. Now, this is some bikini yacht vacation. Enjoy.

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