Cynthia Nixon Topless in The Big C (With Bonus Topless Video from SATC, Yes, I Know)

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Well, it had to happen at some point, or, maybe it didn't, but, either way, here's Cynthia Nixon in her Egotastic! introduction, topless from last night's premiere of the second season of The Big C on Showtime. I think Cynthia Nixon deserves much ogling-world credit for her willingness to bare the boobtastic for the general viewing audience; something rather rare even still for most American actresses. Not to mention, just my general fondness for all things lesbionic; c'mon, a girl-on-girl body bumper who also does girl-on-guy sex scenes in the movies? This is a laudable combination of skills. Enjoy.

(P.S. As long as we're opening the Cynthia Nixon topless floodgates today, might as well throw in the 'other' moment we considered posting Cynthia on this site, her short, but reasonably monumental making the sexy scene from Sex and The City, which, thankfully, we were not forced by way of girlfriend to see at the time in the theaters like our whipped friend, Darryl.)

cynthia-nixon-sex-scene-SATCby EgotasticMedia

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