Jennifer Aniston (Covered) Topless And Pimping Water You Pay For

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It takes a lot to get me to shell out money for tap water in a bottle; I'm kind of old-fashioned against this entire industry that makes you pay for water and then you have all sorts of recycling responsibilities, including do-gooders who will hunt you down and kill you for not putting your plastic in the blue bins. However, if this water starts coming with sexy Jennifer Aniston attached, I might start buying in.

With rumors abounding (and confirmed by some Egotastic! readers) that Jennifer Aniston (maybe a cagey body double, but likely Aniston herself) is topless in her next film Wanderlust, and may actually even show some skin slips in Horrible Bosses, out soon, well, could this be the moment(s) we've been waiting for for a decade or more now -- Rachel Green nekkid? I shall drink unnecessarily expensive water until I uncover the truth. Enjoy.

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