Karissa and Kristina Shannon Produce the Sweet Treats for Playboy's Kandyland Party

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My dad moved us three houses down the same block when I was seven, his poorly thought out plan to hide from some thick-necked lenders who operated their bank out of a sandwich shop. I spent the next four months crying in a small closet from the shock of the half-block move. A child shrink charged my parents eighty bucks to tell them what they already knew -- I had issues. On his way out the door, the shrink called me a big pussy right to my face. That was so old school, I had to give him props.

The Shannon sisters seem to have acclimated much better to their move back into the Playboy mansion. Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon pulled something fashionably conservative out of their suitcases for the Kandyland Party at their new humble abode, producing four sets of cheeks I would lust to pinch. I think the girls are going to transition just fine to their new digs. Might fine. Enjoy.

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