Kim Kardashian Butt So Finely Junky It Makes Jason Giambi Cry

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You don't just get a shapely badonkadonk bottomside like Kim Kardashian without a ton of hard workouts, weights, stretch, exercising, and, the occasional bit of fat borrowed from the waist and moved into the asstastic. I know. I've been watching her routine. Very closely thanks to some well-timed bribes to her locker room attendant. And when you're playing in the big leagues of $2 million engagement rings, baby's gotta have back.

Yet, checking out Kim Kardashian's amazing rump, we couldn't help but shoutout the amazing feat of Egotastic! superfan, Jason Giambi, who cracked three home runs in his first three at-bats a couple weeks ago for the Colorado Rockies, which is pretty damn impressive for a dude about to turn 50 or 60 or something with the body of a beer mascot. Congratulations, Jason.

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