Kim Kardashian Flashes Panties and Unveils the Unstoppable

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Trained by Kris Jenner, guarded by Khloe, powered by diamonds. Kim Kardashian is now an unstoppable force.

In a somewhat ironical bit of modesty, Kim Kardashian still attempts to hide views up her short skirts and dresses, but not so super successfully when sitting in for filming as a guest judge on Project Runway, where the pimp mistress extraordinaire  flashed some panties beneath her hourglass hugging outfit, and, well, she did look pretty hot, making this a category 'uber-delightful' upskirt picture.  With just a month or so until the rumored wedding date, and Kim's preparations for the re-loss of her virginity (unverified), the she-bot is looking awfully in control and powerful. Enjoy.

P.S. Cause we love you, and even more so, we lust Heidi Klum so much, we decided to include a bonus set of Heidi looking super hot filming for Project Runway. Oh, Heidi, you ought to be illegal. Check it out.

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