Minka Kelly Puts the Mmm in Men’s Health

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(Note: a couple photos from this set originally appeared in Esquire about six months ago. Oh, how sexy celebrity photographs do circle the magazine world several times over.)

We haven't seen Minka Kelly much recently, what with her busy shooting the new Charlie's Angels TV show reboot, about which I have very mixed feelings, though my feelings for Minka herself are pretty much summed up in the asstastic poses from the pictorial spread in this month's Men's Health magazine, where the 30-year old 'sexiest woman alive' puts on a nice show of little tops and little shorts meets super hot body. I'm sure Men's Health has a more detailed regimen for good fitness, but I say working the ocular nerves with these Minka Kelly pictures for a good ten minutes should be the first step in any well-rounded workout. Enjoy.

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