READER FINDS: Zaira Nara Covered Topless, Adriana Lima See-Through Boobtastic, Rosie Huntington-Whitely Flashing, Rihanna Poking, and Fanny Francois Nekkid Part Deux

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This week's edition of Reader Finds uncovers a vast array of celebrity hotness past and present, like a sea floor of sextastic life only discovered when deep water technology became available to scan its sweet depths. Contributions from the crazy bastards who frequent this site include Zaira Nara, Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna, and Fanny Francois. Is very nice.

Let's kick this off with a big muchas muchas gracias to EgoReader from Sudamericana, 'Gustavo M.' who intended to share a bit more of Zaira Nara (seen above), Latina WAG who we met earlier this week. She is ridiculously hot; even more so here in her covered topless fashion. Damn you, well placed hair!

A million pounds of kudos to Egotastic! fan 'Piper' for providing our readers a classic look at a classic hottie, Adriana Lima, from a several years old fashion show where the sexy Brazilian V.S. angel strutted the cat walk in pretty much a completely boobtastic baring top. Sometimes, the oldies are the goodies indeed.

With all the publicity machines cranking out more and more Rosie Huntington-Whiteley magazine covers in advance of Transformers 3, 'Sam T.' decided that it was time to see Rosie in her native suit, flashing the full Huntington-Whiteleys here for the Pirelli calendar shoot a couple years ago. We're probably not alone in saying we'd those RHW funbags are causing another kind of transformation.

Good blessings to both 'Hazziq F.' and our Finlandish friend 'Harhyl' for pointing out the pointy nipples of Rihanna poking through her white top throughout her latest music video, 'Man Down'. You can see the entire music video here, but we are prompted by fish-and-fiddle-loving Harhyl that the 1:15 mark is where you really want to get out your personal binocs and ogle intensely.

Last, but most definitely not least, Egotastic! Reader 'Big FFF' alerts the EgoWorld to even more Fanny Francois hotness; the super smoking French ginger hottie model we featured recently in her Treats pictorial, turns out she also flashed the full Fanny for Playboy in her home country not too long and and 'Big FFF' just had to share. Sharing does mean caring, especially when it's sharing sweet hot boobtastic. Enjoy.

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