Sara Jean Underwood Takes a (Covered) Topless Bike Ride in Portland

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Here's my general view on public nudity: vastly overrated. Our European friends already know this from their bevy of topless and nekkid beaches, the hodge podge of human flesh display never lives up to the fantasy. Nekkid races and nekkid protest marches in city streets, the same assortment. Nudity is highly overrated when it comes to the general population, including the annual nekkid bike race through Portland. When the rainy climes baristas ditch their hoodies, and everything 'neath, it's more often than not merely a sight to create sore eyes.

So, thank the heavens for blessedly hot Sara Jean Underwood. Though not quite fully exposed, the Playmate turned G4 reporter did take to her two-wheeled machine on the streets of Portland for a glimpse of what a city-wide nekkid bike ride could truly be if only everybody was as hot as Sara Jean Underwood. A melancholy dream indeed. I suggest you check out Sara's fine asstastic in a thong and use your minds CGI effects to populate her across the entire cityscape, far better than reality, trust me. Enjoy.

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