Thank God It's Funbags (TGIF): Rosie Jones Unclothed and Upfront (VIDEO)

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You've made your way through five days of laborious slacking; you've pretended concern for meeting the quarterly targets, or, worse, pretended to care for the men whose souls you crush beneath your daily grind; perhaps you've sat in a classroom pretending AmStudies is a real major, or you've spent the breadth of the week breathing down the neck of a female associate who constantly refrains how she's 'dating a guy who lives out of town', in any and all cases, on Friday, you deserve yourself some unwind time courtesy of sextastic funbags, today, courtesy of the voluptuous and scrumptious Rosie Jones in a devastatingly hot video shoot for Front magazine, where the young lass with the boobs and ass provides a bit of mammary comfort for those in need of a virtual suckling. Enjoy.

rosie-jones-unsinkable-sexy-frontby EgotasticMedia

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