Victoria Silvstedt Bikini Pictures Make the Wedgie Sexy Again

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Wow, this post brings back so many painful memories of childhood. No, not me being wedgied. This kid named Charlie Cluck-Cluck. His damn elastic band always snapped, really hurt my hand. Nobody knows the troubles of a second grade bully.  (By fourth grade I was on the receiving end of so much underwear torture; oh, how schoolyard roles reverse so quickly when you start wearing a retainer.)

However, wedgie hotness is now a new thing, thanks to boobtastic Swedish veteran Playboy model and erstwhile lady of many evenings, Victoria Silvstedt, who took several square inches of bikini cloth betwixt her asstastic cheeks before resorting to a quick (but caught on camera) de-wedgie bikini-bottom grab. And quite nice at that. I don't ever remember anything sexy about wedgies. until now.

From all your friends at Egotastic!, have a great weekend.

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