Emma Frain Topless Pictures Are Two Too Awesome For Words

Have I mentioned that I'm in super head-over-heels lust with British glamour model and Page 3 extraordinaire, Emma Frain? Oh, sure, I'm competing with three billion other men and about half a billion women on the same lusting football field, but I don't care, we can share, I mean, until it comes time for the making of the sexy, then, I'm going to have to ask for some privacy to keep my trade secrets. Plus, you really don't want to hear me begging.

But beg I shall, for just a glimpse of the spectacular funbags on the frontside of this fairer-sexed celebrity model which make me want to cry tears of wanton desire. Emma Frain is so incredibly hawt in this latest pictorial from her own devilish website of blessed iniquity. Emma, please, pick up your phone, yes, that one with the silly British ringtone, I can't possibly leave any more voicemail messages. Enjoy.

(For more of Emma Frain ridiculous sextastic, check out

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