EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Jasmine Waltz Sex Tape Preview Drops on Egotastic!


As you may recall, the delightfully morally turpitude-free Jasmine Waltz, the cocktail waitress who allegedly once punched Lindsay Lohan in the face (likely deservingly so), the Hollywood party girl and actress wannabe who has allegedly bedded the likes of Chris Pine, Jesse McCartney, and Ryan Seacrest (the last name of which makes me wonder if they were just shopping for fabulous bedding), and, most notably, the brunette bombshell who was apparently knocking boots with David Arquette, coincidentally right about the time David split from long time wife and cougar-hottie Courtney Cox, well, now her celebrity sex tape has hit the digisphere and Egotastic has an exclusive first look at a clip from the eponymously entitled RealJasmine and, well, she's pretty damn hot.

But we knew this already, just by checking our Egotastic Jasmine Waltz celebrity page for a look at her past bondage and bikini visuals. Enjoy.

EXPLICIT CONTENT WARNING -- AND A DEAL! As a courtesy to our Egotastic! readers, the guys who have control of the Jasmine Waltz sex tape are offering a discount to Ego faithful who would be interested in gobbling up the entire tape; it is a hoot and a holler and a hottie and a half.

To see more Jasmine Waltz sex tape stills, and for 10% off the listed price for EgoReaders, CLICK HERE.

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